Naive call for removal of OVs

Steve McGrath, Chief Executive

Meat Hygiene Service (MHS)

Your front page article on 18 December, "Secret filming exposes abattoir", highlighted cruelty to animals in a slaughterhouse.

I was amazed and disappointed at the comment from Steve Lomax from AIMS who was trying to deflect some of the blame to the MHS. He suggests that Official Veterinarians should be removed from the process and that the operators were "caught on a technical issue".

I have watched the film and have seen abject cruelty by the slaughtermen to the animals being killed, ineffective stunning, animals having their necks dislocated and heads decapitated before being fully bled, pigs being kicked, shackling before stunning these are not technicalities. The MHS is not required to monitor the slaughter of every animal and this cruelty took place when the MHS was undertaking other statutory duties in the plant. Mr Lomax's call for the full removal of the OV is na´ve, dangerous and not allowed in EU law.

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