Soil Association calls for UK public to eat less meat

Consumption levels of pork and poultry need to be radically reduced if the UK is to pursue environmental sustainability, Peter Melchett, policy director of the Soil Association has claimed.

To meet carbon emissions targets, UK consumers needs to reduce their intake by 75%, according to Melchett: We need to be looking at eating three-quarters less poultry and pig meat in this country.

That's fewer animals, or alternatively more grassland animals who help keep carbon in the ground through what they eat, offsetting their methane production, Melchett added.

Its ludicrous and stupid not to talk about consumption when were talking about environmental sustainability.

However, Melchett also stated that grass-fed beef and lamb was not necessarily bad for the environment, if nitrogen fertilisers were avoided in their farming, and the animals had a large area for grazing.

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