Local abattoir plans blocked

Plans for a new regional abattoir in the Midlandshave been turneddown by planners.

Onley Farms had applied to Rugby Borough Council forpermission to build the new slaughterhousethat would have supported local businessand farmers.

The abattoir would have had the capacityto slaughter 200 cattle and 450 sheep aweek and would have created10 jobs.

But Rugby Councilturned the application downon the grounds that the greenfield location was unsuitable and that the building would dominate the rural landscape.

More than 200 letters of objectionwere receivedwith 30in favour.

The NFU had supported theplan as had the British Meat Processors Association which commented: Over the years there has been a concentrationof large scale slaughtering activityinto large scale abattoirswhich has led to a struggle to survive for small scale butchers, farm shops and farmers.

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