New PC scales "could revolutionise" butcher shops

Avery Berkel unveiled the latest in weighing and slicing technology at Foodex 2010 this week which sets to revolutionise counter displays in butchers' shops.

Showcased for the first time at Avery Berkel’s stand were the XM class of counter scales and the Berkel Avantgarde meat slicer, both of which are new for 2010.

Avery Berkel product marketing manager Greg Astill said he has found many butchers and farm shops loved using the highest technology in weighing but price was a big factor in take-up.

He said: “We found that lots of retailers like the idea of PC-based scale. They like a lot of the advantages that they bring so that’s things like being able to do advertising, having a touch-screen, having a colour display but price is a huge barrier as they are a lot more expensive than the traditional scale that you would get.

“We embarked on a development project to actually get all those benefits they like into the scale but remove the barrier of price so the XM is the end product.”

The XM scale includes two high definition touch screen displays where you can  advertise products to customers or play videos when the scales are not in use.

The XM from Avery Berkel also includes a unique cartridge system that prevents panic for a butcher when he has run out of paper for labelling.

“With the printing, what we’ve looked at a fast and easy way to change the paper. Typically what happens you will get your roll and it will come towards its end on Saturday morning when it’s busy and you’ve got a big queue of customers. So what we have is this cassette system. So with that cassette you can have an additional one which is pre-loaded and to change the cassette you literally just slot it back in," added Astill.

Also on show for the first time was the Avantgarde slicer which has many quick release parts which is said to be easy to clean and safe to use.

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