McDonald's praised by Jamie Oliver for ethics
Published:  30 April, 2010

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has signalled out McDonald's for the quality of some of its raw materials and a new, greener approach.

The star of TV food shows and restaurateur praised the UK incarnation of the takeaway giant as being superior to the US version.

"McDonald's in the UK is very different to the US model the quality of the beef, they only sell free-range eggs, they only sell organic milk, their ethics and recycling are being improved and improved."

"And I cannot even believe I'm telling you that McDonald's UK has come a long way, but actually, it probably puts quite a lot of gastropubs to shame, the amount of work it is doing in the back end.

"Also, they've just had their best commercial year in four years, so they're proving that being commercial and caring can work. Actually, it's the future."

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