Devro sales surging says chairman Hannam

Collagen manufacturer Devro has performed ahead of expectations following a strong sale showing at the end of 2009, the company has stated.

Speaking at the companys Annual General Meeting, Devro chairman Steve Hannam said the firm had performed well in the year to date compared to the same period in 2009.

Devros performance is affected both positively and negatively by fluctuations in foreign exchange rates throughout its global operations. Overall, these movements have been marginally positive in recent months.

The abnormally high prices of raw materials and energy in the first half of 2009 have not been repeated this year. There has also been an improved manufacturing performance.

Hannam added that the companys net debt is significantly lower than at the same time last year and that planned investment projects supporting the growth and efficiency the business were on schedule.

Last month, Devro told MTJ it was to introduce a new generation of casings for smoked and processed sausages, which will be available to try at the IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt.

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