Varying stories for butchers

Paul Middleton has closed his Middleton Butchers shop on St Bartholomews Road, Nottingham, after making seven staff members redundant before Christmas. In an attempt to save his store, Paul told MTJ Extra, he tried to run the shop on his own this year, but was unable to do so.

Paul said he operated in a suburb of Nottingham in the St Ann's area, where people were just not prepared to pay the sort of prices demanded for meat such as lamb. In recent years, he added, turnover and profits had been hammered.

Meanwhile, Charles McHardy has reopened its doors in Stonehaven after flood damage caused the Kincardineshire store to close for nearly six months. Owner Gregor Waite told local media he had not planned to open until 4 May, but welcomed customers over the weekend to "iron out any problems".

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