Appeal fails for meat processor

The Food Standards Agency has welcomed a decision by the Court of Appeal to uphold a prison term imposed on Yakub Moosa Yusuf, who ran a company called Direct Halal Meat and Poultry in Dewsbury.

Yusuf appeared before Leeds Crown Court in September 2009 and was sentenced to four-and-a-half years, after violating a number of food hygiene regulations dating back to 2004, and then breaching his subsequent bail terms.

The prison term was challenged by Yusufs lawyers as being too lengthy and not reflective of his personal circumstances at the time. However, Mrs Justice Rafferty, sitting with Lord Justice Pitchford and Judge Clement Goldstone QC, maintained that the length of the sentence was justified.

Sarah Appleby, head of enforcement at the Food Standards Agency, said: "Meat plants and other food manufacturers are legally responsible for ensuring that the food they sell is safe and fit for human consumption. Any food companies who break the law are putting consumers at serious risk, and so deserve prosecution.

"We therefore welcome the decision to reject Mr Yusufs appeal, and hope that this will send a clear message to those in the food industry who threaten public safety that the consequences can be very serious."

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