Danish Crown creates 300 jobs in wake of April cull

Danish Crown is creating 300 jobs in its homeland, despite cutting 580 jobs across its Danish pork processing operation in April.

The European meat giant is announcing 300 jobs will be created in Denmark, as well as an increased number of jobs at the companys facilities abroad, due to massive efforts throughout the past year by the company.

In April 2010 Danish Crown said it was cutting a total of 580 jobs, affecting five departments in the companys Pork Division.

"We are extremely pleased that all the work that has been invested in DC Future is now resulting in a marked increase in the number of pigs supplied to Danish Crown slaughterhouses, and that it translates into more Danish jobs," said chief executive Kjeld Johannesen.

DC Future is a set of targets Danish Crown established last year to strengthen the companys competitiveness. Over the summer the Danish processor said it will expect most of its departments to see an increase in job numbers.

Johannesen added: "At the moment, we have had to set up a waiting list for potential new co-operative members, and we will, of course, be working our way through this list as quickly as possible.

"However, we do not intend to throw ourselves into new investments, but rather to exploit our existing production capacity to the full until we can be more certain of the long-term effect."

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