Great Yorks launch for new cattle Society

The Commercial Showcattle Society, a new organisation open is to be officially launched at this year's Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate. (8-10 July)

The Commercial Showcattle Society, a new organisation open to everyone in the UK with an interest in commercial beef cattle, is to be officially launched at this year's Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate. (8-10 July)

It is the brainchild of some of the country's leading names in the commercial show cattle world ? both exhibitors and judges ? many of whom have agreed to act as officials and directors of the new society.

The Commercial Showcattle Society's first chairman is Jim Hollingsworth, from Afonwen in North Wales, who has been exhibiting commercial show cattle for many years. He has won multiple titles with his pedigree British Blues, Blondes and Limousin-cross cattle, and is also much in demand as a show judge.

Hollingsworth explained: "There have been many positive developments within the commercial show cattle world over recent years, when it has become a much more recognised and active sport.

"We can also look back on a long and proud history, in excess of 200 years, following the formation of the Royal Smithfield Club in 1796 and a growing interest in this aspect of agriculture.

"An opportunity was identified to form a new society to develop and protect the interests of all involved in showing commercial cattle, along with those breeding animals suitable for exhibition and others who organise and stage such events throughout the UK.

"All of the pedigree cattle exhibitors at local and national agricultural shows are governed and supported by their respective breed societies, but until now, there has never been a society to represent the interests of the commercial showmen and women.

He added: "This new society is intended to be a 'breed society' for the commercials and will seek to improve their lot whenever the opportunity presents itself. The principles of the organisation revolve around the introduction of a recognised format and standard of etiquette for those both judging and exhibiting at commercial cattle events.

"In particular, it was felt throughout the sport that some form of training and standardisation was required in the approach to judging commercial cattle. We will meet this need by arranging seminars and workshops on a continuing basis, in order that all recognised judges, along with others who may be selected to perform such duties, should have the opportunity to attend."

The Commercial Showcattle Society has been set up as a legally formed registered company, limited by guarantee

Vice-chairman is British Blue stalwart Neil Lloyd, of Leominster, one of the leading cattle showmen in the country and a member of the Royal Smithfield Club Council.

Nicola Hardy, from Nottingham, has been appointed company secretary. Nicola has been showing cattle for many years alongside her father Mick and has achieved noted success with their 'Jericho' herd of commercial cattle.

Alan Hall, of Darlington, who is acting as treasurer to the society, is a retired chartered accountant and former treasurer and member of the British Blonde Society Council. He has had major successes in the show ring with his pedigree Blondes and commercials.

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