Getting automatic payback

TM Robotics, the European sales partner of industrial robot manufacturer Toshiba Machine, has produced a free guide to obtaining payback on a robot installation. The company hopes the guide will act as a useful tool for experienced engineers and a reassuring introduction for those new to industrial automation.

Called 'The Formula for Automated Payback', the guide contains all the details needed to create a simple procedure that demonstrates payback on an installation. It also features a number of case studies intended to illustrate the theory it outlines.

TM Robotics MD Nigel Smith said: "We are trying to dismiss some of the illusions people have about industrial robots. We believe there are a number of unfounded beliefs about automation cost and ease of installation that hold back manufacturing. This is really a new way of viewing an installation; we are trying to give users a tool that will help them calculate payback at the earliest possible stage."

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