Halal expert Nizar Boga forms new grading service

Halal meat expert Nizar Boga has joined forces with inspection body Exova to launch a new halal accreditation and inspection service.

The Universal Halal Agency is described as a unique and innovative halal food accreditation body partnered with Exova, an international auditing body for food and other products.

Boga said: I have been working in the halal industry for over 30 years, during which time I have seen an enormous amount of change both in terms of the standards under which halal foods are produced and increased understanding of the issues that are key to the Muslim community by non-Muslim food businesses.

I have, in the past, been actively involved in the Health and Welfare Committee at The Regents Park Mosque in London, though in recent years I have reached out to assist all Mosques and Islamic Cultural Centres as well as non-Islamic bodies such as the Food Standards Agency and Eblex along with their predecessors, the Meat and Livestock Commission.

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