Pie eating record smashed in Wigan

A Bolton man is celebrating after taking the title at the World Pie Eating Championships by wolfing down a meat pie in 23.91 seconds.

Neil Collier took the title at Harry's Bar in Wigan, Lancashire,  after eating the saucer-sized meat pie and smashing the previous record of 35.86 seconds.

According to organisers, the championship attracted the largest number of entries yet – with 18 competitors vying for the prestigious trophy.

"He just seemed to open his throat and down it went," organiser Tony Callaghan told The Guardian newspaper.

"He's from Bolton, mind, which is a crying shame for a Wiganer to have to say, but he's certainly learned how to eat his pies somewhere. Probably Wigan," he added.

In other World Pie Eating related news, the baker who supplied the pies to the competition, Vince Bowen, claimed to have included Viagra in his pies. However the adulterated products were stolen by thieves en route to the competition.

Bowen said he included Viagra in the pies as a preservative, to keep the potatoes firm following extensive research into various methods of maintaining potato turgidity.

We at Meatinfo find that a hard one to swallow.

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