Electronic movements could cut disease risk

Abattoirs and pig farmers are being urged to go electronic to help minimise the risk of diseases spreading.

Under the electronic animal movement system (eAML2), 84% of completed movement details are currently reaching Defra’s animal movement licensing database within three days or less.

Once all movements are recorded using eAML2, the industry will have a strong handle on pigs’ whereabouts in the event of a disease outbreak.

Supporters of the scheme claim that eAML2 captures the AML2 and FCI information ‘in one’ and saves time and cost in sending paperwork to the local authority. As well as all the large specialist plants, there are now over 60 abattoirs enabled for eAML2, with more to come.

Pete Buzzard, of HP Westwood in Walsall, is now set up to process online pig movements: “We have one pig supplier using eAML2 so far and we’re getting on fine with it. We wanted to get a head-start with using it, so we’re ready now for when more farmers switch to online movemnent.

“We expect in future it will also help reduce time spent on things like Trading Standards visits, as there will automatically be a complete record of movements.”

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