Norfolk butcher paints living cow art exhibit
Published:  12 July, 2011

A Norfolk butcher has exhibited a living work of art at the Norfolk Show after painting the flank of a live cow as part of an educational exhibit.

Andrew Edmonds of Bradwell Butchery in Bradwell, Norfolk used the anatomical knowledge gleaned from a lifetime working as a butcher to paint the internal organs and position of a calf onto the animal’s side.

The 5-month pregnant dairy cow formed the centrepiece of the ‘Over the Farmer’s Hedge’ Education exhibition, which aimed to give children an appreciation of the livestock and where their milk comes from.

Edmonds said that following the success of this year's show, next year he would like to use a bull to demonstrate the cuts of meat and engage children with the food that they eat and the animal husbandry and processes involved in producing it.

Bradwell Butchery has won a clutch of awards, including the Midlands and East of England Butcher’s Shop of the Year award 2010, and East Anglia Champion in this year’s Bpex National Roadshow.

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