Digitron rolls out infrared thermometers

Digitron has launched a trio of infrared thermometers to help food suppliers measure surface temperatures.

The IR Gun-380, IR Gun-1100 and IR Pebble thermometers use convenient aim and shoot technology to instantly check surface temperatures and have been designed for use in various sectors, including food production facilities.

Andy Macpherson, general manager for Digitron, said: Our trio of new infrared thermometers are designed to provide a fast and cost-effective way of taking surface temperature readings with the minimum of fuss. The thermometers safely measure hot food surfaces, eliminating the need to touch food and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. They can also be used to measure hazardous or hard-to-reach surfaces without damaging the object and with minimum risk to the user.

The IR Gun-380, which can measure temperatures from -50C to 380C/-58F to 716F, is compact and can scan current surface temperature in less than a second. The device also boasts a large, easy-to-read display and can provide two readings per second.
The IR Gun-1100 is similar in construction to the IR Gun 380, but has a much wider temperature measurement specification from -50C to 1100C/-58F to 2012F. It features adjustable emissivity, which supports a broader range of targets, including heat producing machinery and frozen products with different surfaces, which in turn improves the overall accuracy of the product.

The IR Pebble device is a pocket-sized version of the IR Gun-380 and has a smaller temperature range. It includes features such as a hold mode for freezing and recording the temperature and a large LCD screen. Additional features include an auto switch off, which saves battery life and it also comes complete with a convenient neck lanyard for safe transportation and use.

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