Marel adds flat muscle slicer to line

Marel has launched a new meat slicer on to the UK meat market. The I-Slice 1068VA automatically slices flat muscle, such as flank, skirt and other cuts, which have traditionally been done by hand.

Using vision technology, it scans each piece of raw meat before slicing and calculates the most efficient cut configuration based on weight and shape. During slicing, the slice length or slice thickness is automatically adjusted to hit the target weight.

The company said the machine’s wide cutting angle ranges between 10 degrees and 68 degrees, which, combined with oscillating double-blade technology, makes thinner cuts possible. “This creates attractive ‘plate filling’ portions such as escalopes and schnitzels with a larger surface area and lower weight, as well as thicker, more traditional portions,” said a spokesperson.

“Product giveaway is kept to an absolute minimum, with high throughput and quality, optimum yields, reduced labour and training costs.”

I-Slice 1068VA offers three cutting modes: fixed weight portions – which produces as many pieces as possible of the defined weight; yield optimised – which cuts all the meat within the specified minimum and maximum weight; and fixed angle and thickness – which cuts the meat to a fixed angle and thickness on each piece, but with variable weight.

All three models can be programmed to space out the portions. 
The slicer is operated using a colour touchscreen with a simple user interface. I-Slice 1068VA can operate as a 
stand-alone machine or integrated into 
a complete portioning and packing line.

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