Sainsbury's launches new cooked meat range

Sainsbury’s will be hoping the warm spring weather will hold following the launch of its new Taste the Difference sliced meat selection.

The range, which the retailer claims is ideal for outdoor eating, is now in-store and includes 45 different products, from salt beef slices to traditionally cured hams.

Phillip Mason, Sainsbury’s product technologist, said: “It is often remarked that the British now take more pride in their food and, here at Sainsbury’s, we have worked closely with our suppliers to deliver an extensive range of sliced meats, which celebrate the variety of meats available. 

“As shoppers continue to be more adventurous, we have introduced Taste the Difference Wild Venison Slices. With the new range and freedom food accreditation, we anticipate seeing a significant uplift in interest from customers.”

He added: “Knowing that animal welfare is a top priority for our customers, Sainsbury’s continues to strive to source top-quality products. All our ham, duck and chicken products adhere to strict welfare standards devised by the RSPCA.” 

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