Royal chef promotes British breakfasts

Royal chef Mark Flanagan flew the flag for British pork during a school visit to talk about the importance of breakfast.

The visit to Howes Community School, in Coventry, was organised with Bpex and a catering butcher from Warwickshire. Flanagan served up sausage and bacon rolls to pupils, parents and siblings and held a special assembly to discuss the importance of a good meal at the beginning of the day.

Flanagan said: “I am really looking forward to the Jubilee year. It is going to be very exciting. We enjoy getting involved with schools and helping with the message of how important breakfast is – it is a meal that is often overlooked. This is also a great opportunity to let people know that real people work at Buckingham Palace.”

School head Carol Brammer said: “We want to emphasise the importance of a healthy breakfast and we are also working to bring the community together by getting parents and children to have breakfast together.”


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