Initiative to bring young people into agriculture

Farming minister Jim Paice yesterday (19 July) unveiled a new scheme to encourage more young people to take up careers in farming.

The Future of Farming Group will look at how to break down the barriers that prevent more young people from going into agriculture. It will be chaired by David Fursdon, current chair of the South West Rural and Farming Network and former president of the Country Land and Business Association.

Paice said: “The future of farming is important - and it needs to be addressed right across the sector. As the Green Food Project has demonstrated, this industry offers an exciting and important career if we are to continue to feed ourselves sustainably.

“A career in farming isn’t only an option to people who come from farming families. British farming is highly skilled and if it is to maintain its high standards, we need to ensure that everyone who wants to go into the industry has the right skills, knowledge, and support to take on this challenge.”

Fursdon said: “The challenge of producing more food in this country in a sustainable, profitable and affordable way is huge. The farming industry will need all its skill and expertise to do so.

“Undoubtedly this will mean attracting new blood into agriculture as skilled workers, managers, tenants and owners, and adopting the best methods and business structures. This group will build on the excellent work which is already being carried out within the farming industry and also stimulate some news ideas as well.”


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