Abattoir service for Skye and Lochalsh
Published:  23 July, 2012

The Scottish government has agreed to fund a study with the aim to develop an abattoir service in Skye and Lochalsh.

A team lead by the Scottish Agricultural College will look at the options available for funding, building and operating a small-scale slaughtering and processing facility, which would be cooperatively owned and operated.

Skye and Lochalsh have not had an abattoir for more than 20 years, which means crofters and farmers in the region have to travel three and a half hours to Dingwall or by ferry to Lochmaddy, to the nearest slaughter-house.

SCF’s Crofting Resources programme manager Donald Murdie was delighted about the Scottish government’s decision to fund the research. He said: “Previous feasibility studies have envisaged a full-time, industrial-scale meat plant, which clearly would not be viable. The aim of this study is to produce costed plans for a facility appropriate in scale and ownership structure, with a flexible operating strategy able to respond to seasonal demand. The resulting report will be made freely available to other groups of producers wishing to develop their own small-scale abattoir facilities.”

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