Potential Hall’s buyer asks for deadline extension

The future of the Hall’s of Broxburn site is hanging by a thread as Vion extended the start of its phased closure for a potential buyer.

According to a Vion spokesman, the company had been asked by one of the potential bidders for a short extension to the deadline to enable them to finalise their position.

The spokesman said: “We have therefore agreed to extend the original deadline to noon on Friday 12 October.
“As we stated last week, unless a viable offer is made for the plant, the phased closure plans will regrettably be implemented.
“Therefore it’s important for everyone concerned that we are able to make a definitive decision as soon as possible, and we hope to be able to announce the outcome of this process at the start of next week.”

Last week Vion confirmed it would close its Hall’s of Broxburn site, with the fate of 1,700 employees resting on the company finding a buyer.

The announcement came after the company completed a 90-day consultation period with its employees on Wednesday, 3 October. Despite doing everything in its power, the company was unable to find an alternative to closure, said Vion UK chairman Peter Barr.

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