Climate change deal could save pig farmers millions

The Farm Energy Centre (FEC) has negotiated new climate change targets with government, which could save the British pig industry around £18.5m over 10 years.

Working on behalf of the National Pig Association, the NEC convinced the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) that the 31% energy-saving target proposed for the industry was too high, given limitations on technologies and capital available for investment.

It negotiated a 22.7% energy-saving target, which will run from now until 2023. Pig farmers who meet the target will be able to claim a Climate Change Levy discount of 90% on electricity and 65% on other eligible fuels.

FEC commercial director Chris Plackett said the lower target would save scheme members £200,000 and generate over £2.75m in tax rebates. The reduction in energy costs associated with meeting the 22.7% target would save the industry a further £15.5m.

The deal has been welcomed by industry representatives. NPA regions manager Lizzie Price said: “We are pleased the government has accepted our evidence and this has resulted in a realistic and achievable target that will help to motivate pig farmers to continue saving energy and money”.


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