Horsemeat: Lightspeed points to increased reluctance to buy processed meat
Published:  14 February, 2013

More than a third of people are now less likely to purchase processed meats as a result of the horsemeat saga, according to a recent Lightspeed poll.

According to Kantar’s The Futures Company, it was expected there would be a changing attitude towards processed meat in the short term, as people would find it hard to trust the products, in light of the horsemeat scandal. The Futures Company said the level of transparency was a real challenge for processed meat products when compared to fresh meat produce.

Although 36% of people asked said they would now be less likely to buy processed meat following the horsemeat scandal, 25% said they didn’t buy processed meat anyway.

Looking more closely at the shopping habits of consumers, the poll then showed that 13% of people said they would now make an effort to buy locally sourced meat, while 5% said they would buy less meat altogether.

The poll, which asked 6,221 people across the UK, also highlighted that men were taking the scandal less seriously than women and nearly half of the men asked (47%) said it would make no difference to their purchasing of meat. Just over a quarter of women (26%) said it would make a difference to their purchasing of meat.

The poll also revealed that 32% of the women asked had never bought processed meat, compared to 18% of men.

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