Putting lamb back on the menu

Eblex has launched a new book to stimulate and drive sales of lamb, as part of its three-year, industry-wide campaign to regain lamb’s popularity.

The book, entitled Putting Lamb Back on the Menu, will feature a range of alternative cuts that are succulent and flavourful, in addition to being prominent for their value, from the shoulder, loin, leg and breast.

As a result of a period of reduced supply, the book was launched to give a fresh approach to lamb and add new ideas, due to its recent unpopularity.

Eblex finalised its Five Star Lamb Tour of Quality Standard Mark Scheme-approved farms with the launch of this book. Each of the tours focused on different breeds and their unique qualities, to spark more interest in lamb.

The book also features several recipes using these cuts, developed by chefs such as Andreas Antona, Chris Wheeler and Nigel Haworth.

Leatherhead Food Research carried out a survey that revealed that the majority of the cuts can be put into two categories – tender, high-quality, good colour and lean, or flavoursome and tasty.

Eblex foodservice project manager Hugh Judd said: “The Lamb Tour provided a fantastic opportunity to bring the supply chain together and showcase our range of fantastic cuts from the shoulder, loin, leg and breast. Many of these are ideal for sous-vide or slow cooking and all of them produce wonderfully succulent and flavoursome dishes at a very reasonable price.

“The tour also clearly demonstrated that no matter what the breed or terrain, chefs and their customers can rest assured that lamb sourced from Quality Standard Scheme (QSM)-approved farms comes with a consistent guarantee of eating quality.”

Eblex’s own QSM scheme assures customers of food safety, animal welfare, care for the environment and enhanced eating quality.


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