NFUS meet Tesco

Scottish farming leaders have met with Tesco commercial director Richard Brasher to tackle some of the key issues affecting the relationship between the retailer and its suppliers.

The meeting is part of the Union's ongoing work to engage with key players in the retail sector and to aid communication between those at the top of the food supply chain and the producers who supply them.

The main topics under discussion were supply chain relationships, concern over labelling, food security issues and the appointment of a supermarket ombudsman.

Jim McLaren, NFUS president, said: "It is crucially important that NFUS maintains open dialogue with retailers such as Tesco.

"Tesco does have an appreciation of the public appetite for local food. They are certainly open to stocking many Scottish food and drink items and we commend them for committing to this. However, many producers would argue that they are not being paid a sustainable price for the quality food and drink they are supplying.

"The UK is facing record lows when it comes to food self-sufficiency and the large retailers must recognise that they hold some of the responsibility for maintaining food security in this country by helping to ensure that we have sustainable supply chains."

During the meeting the NFUS raised that fat that many Scottish farmers are concerned about lack of clarity when it comes to food labelling and insisted that consumers should receive clear information about provenance.

"In addition, we came to an agreement that together we would try to facilitate better communication between the farming and retail sectors so that producers can produce what the retailers want and that retailers can gain a better understanding of farming practices and seasonality," said McClaren.

The group also discussed the OFT recommendation of a supermarket ombudsman, a move which Tesco does not support but the NFUS insists would deliver more transparency.

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