Oliver has misled consumers, says CIWF

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has warned that Jamie Oliver's pig campaign has misled consumers into believing that buying British is a way to guarantee higher welfare.

The animal welfare group said: "It is wrong to believe that buying British is good enough," and pointed out that 80% of British farmers still tail-dock pigs without anaesthetic and most continue to use farrowing crates.

"The message from Compassion in World Farming is please do support British farmers - but support the ones who guarantee that their pork comes from pigs that have been raised in organic or free-range outdoor systems or in enriched, straw-bedded indoor systems, where tail-docking is not routine, such as Freedom Food, said a spokesperson.

CIWF added that while Oliver was right to campaign for country-of-origin labelling, the method of production should also be stated on pork labels.

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