Bacon porter at beer festival

An American-inspired A-Pork-Alypse bacon and chocolate tipple is soon to be launched at the Great British Beer Festival (GBBF).

The brew was created by Brains’ Head Brewer Bill Dobson, who explained that when he visited the Great American Beer Festival, the bacon brew really stood out.

He said: “I came back from the US wanting to brew my own, and after a few trials and error with the quantity of bacon, I brewed A-Pork-Alypse, a double-chocolate and bacon porter. A grist of roast and smoked malts with freshly grilled bacon added to the boil along with cacao nibs gives the beer a smokey flavour alongside the chocolate.”

The bacon brew will be available on the bar at GBBF, which will be held in London from 13-17 August.

Brains’ brand manager Ian Beattie said: “A-Pork-Alypse is a beer that we couldn’t have brewed before having the Brains Craft Brewery, which enables us to trial and experiment with new recipes and push the boundaries to challenge some of the preconceptions of a traditional brewer. I am sure it will divide opinion at the show.”


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