3monkey revamps Jon Thorner’s range

Food product company Jon Thorner’s has had its range branded and packaged, in a successful project carried out by 3monkey Designs.

The design company approached Thorner’s, explaining that customers would be more inclined to buy the product if packaged properly, which would ultimately strengthen the brand.

Thorner’s did a successful trial run of its handmade meat pie cartons, which was the final decision-maker for revamping the branding of the entire range.

3monkey managing director Paul Garner said: “When we first started talking to Jon Thorner’s, their products were wrapped in cling film. We advised them that branding and packaging would further enhance their premium products and give them better protection in-store.”

The food company features award-winning products, including pies, quiches, sausages, ready meals and cakes.

By delivering generic packaging focused on the company’s heritage and sourcing of local produce, 3monkey also advised Thorner’s on its labelling system and how to make it more efficient at a lower cost.


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