Industry boffins tackle welfare

REPRESENTATIVES FROM the meat and veterinary industries plus of?cials from government organisations, came together at the second annual Welfare at Slaughter Update course 28 Feb-2 Mar 2 run by the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA).

Delegates, who also included national food retailers, restaurants and welfare organisations, heard presentations on a wide range of food and animal welfare issues, including the gas killing of poultry, electrical waterbath stunning, heat stress and recent innovations in stun monitoring.

The two-day event also tackled welfare assessment in the abattoir, assurance schemes, minority species and new regulations for red meat. Presentations by Kirk Thompson, veterinary advisor and head of slaughter policy at Defra, Andrew Voas, veterinary advisor at the Scottish Executive, and consultant Julian Sparrey of LineTec sparked particular interest with their thoughts on disease control among poultry, in particular Avian Flu.

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