Kerry Foods pours £5m into Mattessons brand

Mattessons is launching a Chinese spare rib flavour to its cooked meats Fridge Raiders range with the help of a £5m investment from Kerry Foods, which owns the brand.

The investment includes TV, press and online adverts and sales promotions with the aim that the launch of the spare rib flavour will increase sales.

David Warren, marketing controller for Mattessons, said: "The Mattessons Fridge Raiders brand has shown phenomenal growth since its launch two years ago in both grocery and impulse.

"Strong brand growth is set to continue with heavyweight investment over the coming year, beginning with our biggest ever TV campaign.

"We also have some exciting new product development with the launch of a third variant, Chinese spare rib.

"This will broaden the appeal of Fridge Raiders through providing another variant of irresistible chicken bites in an everyday meaty flavour that we know consumers love."

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