Brazil bites back

Brazilian beef exporters have hit back at Irish farmers following the latest claims on foot-and-mouth.

The Brazilian Beef Information Service (BBIS) called on the Irish farmers to move forward, branding thier latest announcements on FMD in Brazil as old news which had been superseded.

The Irish industry had highlighted an FVO report which confirmed unreported foot and mouth disease in Brazil and what it claimed was a total failure to meet EU standards.

BBIS director Rob Metcalfe said: "For Padraig Walshe to call for action now on the basis of this report is absurd. All the issues raised have been addressed by the current EU/FVO stance on Brazil. Only last month FVO inspectors carried out a though audit on Brazilian Beef producers and have approved a number of them for export.

"What is clear is that there is no justification for further campaigning by the anti-Brazilian trade protectionists. Politicians and farmers' leaders should discontinue this unhelpful practice which only serves to detract from the public's image of beef per se and is therefore counter productive in terms of promoting increased consumption of beef which would be to the benefit of all."

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