Third Surrey farm shows same FMD virus

Laboratory results have confirmed that the third Surrey farm which tested positive for foot-and-mouth shares the same strain of virus as the four other infected premises bringing the total to five.

Defra said a full epidemiological investigation is ongoing.

Defra has also announced that general licences are now available for limited movements with stringent conditions outside of the Surveillance Zone.

These allow:

* Pigs to be moved from breeding units to grower units and to finishing units to address current and anticipated welfare issues;

* Animals susceptible to FMD to be moved up to 3km between premises under the same occupation, or along and across aroad, for any reason;

* Cows for calving and cows with their calves to be moved up to 50km between premises under the same occupation.

All of these movements are subject to following strict biosecurity measures and complying with all of the licence conditions. Pig movements are also subject to certification by a veterinary surgeon.

The national movement ban remains in place.

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