Sausage Companies Merge

Newmarket sausage company and holder of two Royal Warrants, Musk's, has bought and merged with D White Butchers and The Braughing Sausage Company, makers of Braughing Sausages.

Chris Sheen, managing director of Musk's, said: "This is a major opportunity for us to spread our wings into Hertfordshire, alongside such a well known sausage as Braughing. They will really complement our range and enable us to offer our customers the alternative of another great product."

Richard White, the vendor and son of Braughing's founder, who is staying with the group said: "We were looking for a good home for our sausages and who better than Musk's with their long tradition in sausage-making and their quality brand? It is an ideal match and both companies will benefit from the merger. Perhaps Her Majesty might even try our sausages?"

D White Butchers is a family run company and has been making Braughing sausages for over 50 years from a village of the same name in Hertfordshire.

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