Pig in boots

A pet porker's precious pinkies have been protected thanks to some ingenious thinking from a sausage producer.

Andrew Keeble, from premium sausage maker Debbie & Andrew's, solved the problem of a piglet being frightened of mud through the use of some miniature Wellington boots.

The news that six-week Cinders, who suffers from mysophobia, a fear of dirt, had been given a new lease of life thanks to some toy Wellingtons made headlines across the UK.

Keeble said his 12-year-old daughter, Ellie, came up with the idea of using the footwear from a keyring to help the piglet cope with the mud, after they noticed she refused to join her siblings playing in the mud.

He told the BBC: "We've never come across this before. They are born really to go and explore, but she never really liked going in the mud."

The pig is now destined to become a pet and has been adopted as a mascot for the company's campaign to raise money for the Farm Crisis Network, which supports struggling farmers.

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