Teachers Learn About Red Meat

Thousands of teachers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland are being given an insight into the nutritional benefits of red meat in a new newsletter and "Digi Bites" DVD from the British Meat Education Service (BMES).

The 4,500 teachers who receive BMES news, which provides a source of information for GCSE students, are working in food education in secondary schools.

In the newsletter readers are given snippets of the latest news items from the world of food and of changes in diets in homes and among students.

The DVD introduces teachers to a raft of information, which is also on the BMES web site, which includes nutritional information in the battle to improve the British diet.

It also points the way to www.bmesonline.org.uk where there is further information which can be downloaded and which will continue to be updated in the future.

Nicola Wilde, BMES product manager, said: "We produce the bmes news twice a year and are encouraging teachers to look more closely at our web site where they will find a great deal more information which we will continue to keep updated."

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