Pig price £5 less than last year

British pig producers are getting less for their pigs now than a year ago with price erosion amounting to just over £5 per pig according to the latest edition of Pig Market Trends.

Since the first confirmed outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in early August, the deadweight average pig price (DAPP) has been steadily eroded as abattoirs cope with a backlog of animals resulting from the initial interruption in movement direct to slaughter. The DAPP recorded five consecutive weekly falls during August, from 109.99p per kg in the week ending 4 August, to 108.52p per kg in the week ending 8 September, meaning that the year-on-year premium over the 2006 price has now been completely eroded.

This month's edition of Pig Market Trends also includes a special report evaluating the basis for successful pig production, a look at the most recent retail prices and a review of current pork consumption trends in the UK.

Pig Market Trends is a monthly publication produced by MLC Economics' team of analysts, focusing on developments in the pig industry both at home and abroad.

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