BPEX campaigns for pig farmers

The British Pig Executive (BPEX) has spent £200,000 on advertisements in the national press about the plight of pig farmers

This little piggy went to market, whereupon she was sold for much less than she was worth. This was the message emblazoned across a series of whole page BPEX advertisements in the national press this week, designed to raise awareness about the plight of British pig farmers. BPEX spent £200,000 on the ads, which appeared in The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, the Guardian, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express on 31 October.

Chris Lamb, consumer marketing manager for BPEX, said the ads were part of a wider campaign to improve the situation for pig farmers, struggling because of the cost of feed. "Retail prices are up," said Lamb, "but there's no opportunity for that to get fed down the chain to pig farmers. We wanted to draw attention to the fact that, whether it's retailers, processors or a combination, the people incurring the costs are not getting any for the pigs."

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