Brazilian beef supply interrupted

The Brazilian Beef Information Service (BBIS) has warned that while Brazilian beef has not been banned, supplies may be interrupted while an approved list of exporting farms is compiled.

From 31 January, only approved Brazilian holdings will be allowed to export beef to the EU. The Brazilians have proposed some 2,600 export-ready farms, but the EU only expected a list of around 300 and this has delayed finalisation of the approved list.

"We are hoping that individual farms will receive EU approval in the next few days and that the list will gradually increase in number, particularly following the next EU inspectors' visit to Brazil in February," said BBIS director Rob Metcalfe.

"Brazilian beef currently in transit will continue to arrive in the EU but, obviously, there may be some reduction in supply in the next few weeks if there is a delay in farm approvals."

Metcalfe pointed out that Brazil has exported chilled and frozen beef to EU countries for over 75 years without any issues of health and safety.

"There is a long beef trading relationship between Brazil and the EU which will undoubtedly continue. This is a pause - which may be very brief indeed - and not a ban."

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