US coding co no longer a dot on the horizon

American coding company Black Dot Technology, exhibiting at Pro2pac this year, said it was looking to make its mark in the UK and that meat and poultry firms were taking an interest.

Black Dots Series 200 Coding System is said to be a reliable, clean, easy-to-use hot-melt coding solution for porous and non-porous packaging.

The companys advanced hot-melt coding system and proprietary clean printing technology eliminates the mess and waste of traditional high-resolution inkjet printers, said the firm. The compact hot-melt delivery system is entirely encased in the imaging module for maximum flexibility and rapid service with low energy consumption.

Black Dots coding system combines instantly drying hot-melt print technology with the companys proprietary, stainless steel piezo printhead. It uses CleanCode polymer-based ink to print bar codes, high-resolution text, and images up to 65mm high, in one- or two-head configurations.

Black Dots CodeMaster design software also allows users to create codes in minutes, which can then be stored locally or hosted on Black Dots own website.

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