Ebro widens temperature options

For those who need fast, flexible temperature measurements, Ebro Electronic, the measuring instrument specialist from Germany, has improved the popular dual thermometer TLC 730 even further to meet customer demand for a larger measuring range (-50°C to +350°C) and has also added an alarm function.

The new TLC 730 is said to be suitable for those working with food, because the non-contact measurement with infrared avoids potential cross-contamination of the products.

The penetration probe for precise core temperature is folded back when not in use, so the TLC can easily be carried in any pocket. Core temperature measurements with penetration probe are said to have an accuracy of ±0.8°C.

As with the earlier model, the TLC 730 can switch between the functions – °C, °F, Max, Min and Lock – and the battery can be exchanged by the user. The TLC 730 also features an optical and acoustic alarm when limit values are exceeded.

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