BSE lab opens in Exeter

Laboratory service provider LGC has increased its BSE national testing coverage with the opening of a new laboratory in Devon.

Located at the Exeter University Innovation Centre, the new facility is the latest instalment in LGCs BSE testing operations which include laboratories in Edinburgh and Runcorn.

LGC chief executive David Richardson said: LGC is delighted to open the new BSE laboratory in Exeter to provide a streamlined testing service to our customers in the South West of England. Our location at the Innovation Centre opens up the potential for some exciting scientific collaboration with the University of Exeter.

The new laboratory means that abattoir customers in the South West region will no longer need to send brainstem samples each evening to LGCs BSE testing laboratory in Cheshire.

Brainstem samples are analysed for the presence of abnormal prion protein which is an indicator of BSE infection.
LGC said it has opened up the laboratory in anticipation of the legislative changes made in December 2008 by Defra that now require the meat industry to pay for the BSE tests.

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