NFU looking to Europe to champion a fair supply chain

Establishing a fair supply chain should be a Europe-wide concern and not just an issue for the UK - this is the message that the National Farmers union took to EU policymakers yesterday.

NFU senior food chain adviser Robin Tapper put this argument to the EU as the NFU raises the stakes in its campaign for transparency and sustainability in the supply chain by lobbying for EU support at the European Commission and the Parliament.

The NFU is also looking for a Europe-wide consensus on pricing and purchasing arrangements with supermarkets that recognise the economic value of British farming and growing.

Tapper said: "The NFU is the first organisation to take this issue to a European level and we are already seeing positive responses among Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and others.

"Matters of food hygiene and environmentally friendly production are clearly close to the EU's heart, so I find it astonishing that nothing has been done on supply chain transparency, which is equally important for consumer confidence".

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