Racecourse to seek out top banger

Brighton Racecourse has challenged local Sussex butchers to produce a champion sausage for its 'Great British Raceday' on 7 June.

The event has been designed to promote the Racecourse as a fun-filled day out for recession-hit families staying in the UK for the summer. With nothing more British than a banger, the Racecourse is looking for a sausage that celebrates the talent of local butchers

Graham Harris, commercial manager, said: "The search for The Brighton Banger will not only give us a much-needed talking point in the community, but also promote the array of fantastic local butchers and producers here in the county of Sussex. The winning sausage will become a long-term part of the Racecourse's marketing strategy. The Racecourse will add it to its menu, sell it for racing punters to take home and cook and perhaps even name a race after it.

"It's a bit of fun, but also something we think could become totally immersed in the culture of the course," added Harris.

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