Pig vet promises to eliminate endemic disease

The newly-appointed president of the Pig Veterinary Society said he plans to make control or elimination of endemic pig diseases a priority in the coming year.

Veterinarian Peter Brown hopes that diseases such as PRRS and swine dysentery can be controlled by vaccines such as the PCV2 and can enable vets to help producers focus on other ailments for diseases, including skin disease sarcoptic mange.

Brown said: This will help the UK pig industry to reduce its cost of production and become more competitive in the European marketplace. Disease currently costs the industry at least 7 per pig.

The British pig industry has higher welfare standards than most other European countries and we need to maintain this advantage. However, it is imperative that the UK industry is not further disadvantaged by the government passing unilateral welfare legislation that increases the cost of production. This would make our already high-cost industry even less competitive.

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