EBLEX claims a hit with lamb kits

EBLEX has been inundated with requests for its special lamb freezer pack kits, which were launched to Quality Standard (QS) scheme members to help minimise wastage and maximise profit.

Containing a variety of materials to help market the packs to customers, the kits included a cutting specification guide, yield information and costing guidelines. And kits for retail butchers included posters to display in the shop and leaflets to give out to customers.

At least 1,000 kits were produced by EBLEX and all were said to have been snapped up within days of being advertised. EBLEX retail project manager Dick van Leeuwen said: "Freezer packs are a great way of avoiding wastage and increasing shelf-life. The fact that we had such a high demand for this kit just shows how the industry values promotional support material such as this to help shift product."

The packs came in mini, medium and large sizes. The mini packs contained specifications for two mini roasts and three cutlets among others, while the large packs featured a Victorian roast, 10 T-bone chops and one neck fillet.

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