Meat gets the lunar treatment

A growing farming movement claims to produce better meat by bringing together the power of the moon and planets.

Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that treats farms as a unified organism, with a focus on the holistic development of the soil, plants and animals as a closed, self-nourishing system. Biodynamic farmers use the lunar calendar to establish the cosmically correct time to sow seeds or cut hay.

Ian Bell of Heritage Prime, a UK biodynamic meat producer, said: Embedded in the cosmos as we are, the impact planetary movements have on life on earth is quite remarkable. It is all about attention to detail. We choose the best moment for all our farming practices from preparing composts and manures to making hay.

The cosmic methods dont just apply to the animals diet. The sheep, cattle and Tamworth pigs at Heritage Primes Dorset farm are never treated with any chemicals or pharmaceutical medicines. Instead, they are given homeopathic remedies tailored for each species to help them meet the many challenges of the changing seasons.

The chief goal of biodynamic farmers is to gain an appreciation of the effects of the sun, the constellations, the planets and the moon on life on Earth and then deliver the nutritive benefits to our food, said Bell.

Heritage Primes meat has won praise from a number of high-profile chefs, including Michel Roux Jnr, Nigella Lawson and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Tom Parker Bowles, food writer and stepson of Prince Charles, said: If I were a pig, Id dream of living on Ian and Denises farm. They often eat better food than I do. Not only are their porkers produced in the most sustainable and humane fashion, but they also taste better than any pig in the world.

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