Getting super fast readings

Temperature measuring equipment maker ETI has launched the new SuperFast Thermapen thermometer.

Housed in a robust polycarbonate water-resistant case, the thermometer contains a Biomaster additive that inhibits bacteria growth. It works by simply pulling out the foldaway, stainless steel penetration probe, to take rapid temperature measurements in under four seconds, said ETI.

The large digital display gives a read-out of temperatures over the range of -49.9?C to 299.9C with a 0.1C or 1C resolution and a high accuracy of 0.4C.

The new Thermapen is said to have a long battery life of 1,500 hours' continuous use and the instrument will automatically turn off when the probe is folded back into the side of the unit or after 10 minutes.

Nine colours are offered to help eliminate cross-contamination, and it is competitively priced at just 46, excluding VAT and delivery.

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