Prison Imams discuss halal issues

HM Prison Service Imams have recently met at a halal supplier to discuss issues surrounding the production and supply of halal meat to prison inmates.

Members of a meat and poultry working group for prison service Imams gathered at the offices of Janan Meat in Kingswinford to witness approved slaughtering methods used by the company and discuss the need to ensure consistent supplies of assured halal food to feed the estimated 10,000 Muslim inmates in England and Wales.

HM Prison Services Muslim adviser Altisham Ali said: “The whole day was very interesting. As Muslim consumers, we have to be happy with the whole process of production, from farm through to fork, and in particular the requirements of and the need for the animal to be manually slaughtered, be alive at the time of slaughter, the killing to be undertaken by a Muslim and the Tysmia to be audibly pronounced over each animal.”

The Imams were also shown the recent EBLEX film ‘A Quality Meat Supply Chain for the Muslim Consumer’, where Tony Goodger from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board explained the work being undertaken by EBLEX within the halal supply chain to help the public procurement sector understand the need for high-quality assured halal meat and of the changes in the Office for Government Commerce’s classification for halal meat.

Janan Meat MD Naved Syed said: “My personal aim is to help inform the Muslim community, wherever they may be, that halal meat is being produced to high standards that are fully assured along the supply chain and to help improve everyone’s understanding of the purity of the meat we produce and consume. I was delighted on the day that Jerry Houseago, from one of the UK assurance companies who inspect the Halal Standard to which we and other halal businesses operate, was able to join the meeting and take the Imams through the standards of audit along the supply chain.”

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