Bacon sales hitting new heights

British bacon, sausage and ham exports are hitting new heights with the Republic of Ireland remaining the largest market.

According to the latest figures from AHDB Market Intelligence released by Bpex, bacon exports have more than tripled since January of last year. For the whole of 2008, they reached 31,000 tonnes, worth 72m, and are expected to remain at the same level in 2009.

Exports of sausages have risen to 6,350t, worth 14m in 2008, and are expected to reach 7,500t this year. The main destinations are Ireland (37%) and Spain (29%), while Germany, Malta, Denmark, Greece, Malta and Portugal are also substantial markets.

Ham exports were up to 16,000t, worth 43m in 2008, from 9,000t in 2006 and 12,000t in 2007, and are expected to rise by a further 15% in 2009. Some 860t of ham were exported to Hong Kong in 2008.

Bpex export manager Jean-Pierre Garnier said: These figures are very good and, in a competitive marketplace, show exporters are taking advantage of high-quality, high-welfare pork and pork products, which are an attractive proposition overseas.

He added: With more pork likely to be produced in 2010, we can expect this progress to continue.

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